When She Laughs at Me

We’re out on our date together
It’s a sweet Saturday night
She looks so marvelous
And all with us feels right

Then I think about everything
The intimacy and romance
We don’t have to cut a rug
But do when we get the chance

We might just talk in the backyard
Or take a small walk around the block
And I’m happier than I’ve hoped to be
But there’s nothing like how I feel
When she laughs at me
Oh, I love it dearly
when she laughs at me

It comes out at different times
I do something, and she cracks a smile
And immediately, I kick into gear
I’m her comedian for a while

I start telling my stories about the years
When I was a kid and goofed around
Then I throw in a clever punchline
And I hear that glorious sound

First, she’ll let out a little giggle
And I know what’s coming after that
She’ll say she doesn’t think it’s funny
When turn around my baseball hat
And start acting like the kid next door
Then I start really going into overdrive
It’s the best thing about being alive
When she laughs at me
Oh, I love it dearly
when she laughs at me.


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