Crush Mode

I was thinking of her as I was rushing to my Science class
then I knocked into her and she dropped her schoolbooks
There’s a shoebox at home in my closet filled with memories
I’m so amazed at her looks, her personality and how she cooks

She told me he’s dating a good guy, his name is Bruce
I happen to be good friends with him & know him very well
We play tennis together and she’s been to our matches a lot
and this has become my personal extra special Hell

Crush mode
I don’t stand a chance
With my nerdy glasses
and I don’t know how to dance
Crush mode
She likes Bruce more than me
I’m a prisoner of her mystery
Crush mode
Crush mode

I see them in-between classes at school, holding hands
Holy crap, she’s wearing his jacket and a big smile
They’re just too cute together, it almost makes me sick
I’m so jealous of them and their romantic lifestyle

They aren’t as solitary as I am after school every day
I go to movies and walk the sidewalks quietly alone
If I try calling any girl to try to get to know her
She’ll only text me back from her trusty iPhone

Crush mode
On somebody who doesn’t know
But I respect her so much
and the fact she has a beau
Crush mode
I need to get over it soon
And sing a different tune
to get out of crush mode
Crush mode
Crush mode

Maybe somebody’s got a thing for me too
and she wishes, hopes & prays that I knew
Here’s to her, whoever she may be
’cause being in crush mode is not a fun reality

Crush mode
On someone who doesn’t know
But I respect her so much
and the fact she has a beau
Crush mode
I’m sure I’ll meet someone soon
Date someone who likes me back
and sing her a special tune
We’ll no longer be in crush mode
Crush mode
Crush mode.


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