Sorority Gal

Sorority gal
Why are you sad?
Is it because a frat boy
last night made you mad?

Sorority gal
cute as can be
Treated like a playtoy
and a parody

You’ve been following
the American dream
thinking if you one day
made it come true
They all would be swallowing
their words downstream
But compromising your soul
is the one thing you can’t do

Sorority gal
Don’t feel so bad
Just pick yourself up
‘n all you thought you had

Sorority gal
Go on with dignity
confidence n joy
and a strategy

If you’ve been feeling
you’ve aching too much for the team
and the abuse is
far too hard for you to take
And they’re all reeling
from seeing you break your esteem
maybe the decision to leave
will be the best you’ll ever make

Sorority gal
You will be glad
If you have a few friends
as an undergrad

Sorority gal
I know you don’t believe me
So please re-read
your painful diary

Sorority gal
Sorority gal.


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