Troubled Teen

A troubled teen
so in-between
a hard place
and a boulder
A bubbled teen
feeling unclean
Needing much more
than a shoulder
Troubled teen
Troubled teen

The best part about her is buried
way deep inside her battered heart
She has no longing to be a star in sports
and no discipline to learn how to be smart
Her wardrobe is the cleanest thing about her
She’s always wearing the latest color and style
And a key thing to understand about her goal is
That all she wants to do is show her smile

A troubled teen
Party machine
Each day she’s
getting bolder
A bubbled teen
Acting obscene
but longing for
someone to hold her
Troubled teen
Troubled teen

I hope someday she will see the beauty in her
That she’ll stop playing with that fire
And nurture that small girl who was abandoned
by becoming someone she will admire
And I wish her well on her journey to the future
May she feel the warmth of sunshine everywhere
and takes responsibility for all she’s creating
by focusing on just being a breath of fresh air

She’s waiting for someone to save her from herself
There’s a little one inside her feeling alone
You could compare her to a puppy who was kicked so much
then rewarded by the aggressor with a bone

Troubled teen
Beauty queen
Acting mature
but not older
A bubbled teen
inside a magazine
Hidden underneath
my work folder
Troubled teen
Troubled teen
Troubled teen
Troubled teen


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