Whiling Away

Snow flurries outside and we’re not out there
You’re in my arms now, saying it’s not fair
We had places to go and people to see
But today is to be shared between you and me

The chores are finished, the laundry is done
The tempting thing to do is call someone
This is what we are meant to do today
All is OK, as we’re whiling away

Whiling away the day
Making it last
Forgetting the future
And mistakes from our past
Let’s just enjoy it
Again, we will play
For now, let’s focus
On whiling away

Winter is here now, this will happen again
You say Dammitall to this and I say Amen
Yippee, Hallelujah, and Hooray
Because with you, I’ll be whiling away

Whiling away the day
Until beddy-bye
Sometimes we’ll be grounded
Sometimes we’ll fly
It’s a skill to master
And add to our resume
Such a gift we can treasure
Whiling away

Such a gift we can treasure
Whiling away.

2003, Revised 2017

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