My First Time at Prom

Senior Prom ’87 – With Michelle Argentine

I met her in my Junior Year Drama 1-2 class
She was wearing a mustard colored sweater
I had never noticed her around school before
Life there suddenly got better
There were girls I had crushes on
But this one stole the cake
I knew I had to take the chance
Our future was at stake

I took her out to lunch one day
I was so nervous and insecure
When I got the courage to ask her
She said she wasn’t quite sure
She had to run it by her Mother
I was floored she didn’t say yes right away
But when she gave me her decision later
Inside, I was screaming, “Hooray!”

She said she’d love to go to Prom with me
A good friend was designing her dress
Why I had no competition for her attention
was anybody’s guess
This was before I knew about fashion
Before Google, AOL, and
What an adventure it was my Junior year Spring
My first time at Prom

I picked out a pretty cool tuxedo
The colors were pink and white
Made reservations and got a corsage
Man, I thought I was so bright
I was at her doorstep on Valentine’s Day
with a ton of balloons in my hand
I was so anxious and excited
for the special date we had planned

I couldn’t wait to go to Prom with her
All my friends would finally see
I wasn’t some geek who couldn’t get a date
A girl wanted to go out with me
She could have gone with someone else
Like Harry, Dick or Tom
What a treat I thought it would be
My first time at Prom

When I drove out to her parents’ place
I was freaking out in my mind
I thought I’d get some big lecture
But her family to me was too kind
She looked like the angel I knew she was
Dinner on the wharf wasn’t too bad
This date was shaping up to turn into
The best one I ever had

We decided to stroll down the Boardwalk
And a jealous guy started yelling at her
And we rode on the rollercoaster for fun
But my mind started to stir
On the drive home I got verbal
I misunderstood what was said
When we said goodnight, I got no kiss
She just opened the door and fled

So our experience of going to Prom that Spring
was a special night I won’t forget
The next year we went to two more dances
Now I’m married to someone else without regret
I learned a lot about women from sweet Michelle
How I can’t just blow up like a bomb
Whenever I’m talking to my wife or daughters now-
I think of my first time at Prom –
I think of my first time at Prom.


Lyrics Notes:  Totally true story!  In 1986, I went to Prom with Michelle Argentine and the first time kinda went haywire. What I didn’t realize during the experience was that she was not currently seeing the jealous guy, he was just a guy from her past. That was totally different – I thought that guy was her then-current boyfriend.  It was too confusing and I got really upset. The following year, thanks to Michelle Lazo, it seemed like we patched things up and Michelle Argentine and I went to not only Sadie Hawkins together but my Senior Year, 1987 Prom in Monterey, CA.  My Grandma let me drive her Buick. That was a much better experience and I am grateful to both Michelles for what I would call the most wonderful date I had experienced up to then.  I’ll never forget what one of her questions to me was that night… “What is your vision of America?”  Haha… I guess I’d tell her now that where I live now is smack dab into what I think is a good representation of America…. Normal, IL.  I know she is happy wherever she is.


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