Weddings Page

Every week. I look through the paper
And somehow, I can’t avoid the weddings page
I investigate each couple’s story thoroughly
And wonder when it’ll be my time to engage

For they all look so very happy
They all seem ready and thrilled
They all know that for the rest of their lives
Their dreams will completely be fulfilled

I just hope I’m as blessed as they are someday
I just hope she and I find each other and know
Like each of those couples on the weddings page
They trust and believe in the ongoing flow

When I put down the paper & get on with the day
I think of what could happen and what will not
And I long for love to knock on my door ASAP
I’d like the iron to strike while I’m still hot

I know it will but I have my doubts as well
To be alone is to never live a life that’s unselfish
Something’s been missing, I know it deep inside
The one who will grant me this persistent wish

So as I take the public transportation
Or when I’m on an airplane staring at the sky
I’m really praying that’s the time she’ll notice me
And she will no longer feel so shy

While I look over and I wink and smile
She will hopefully think I’m worth her while
And not judge me for my looks or hourly wage
She’ll borrow my paper to look at the weddings page

And then we could start a comfortable conversation
We’d figure each other out and laugh until we cried
Maybe we’d end up discovering that night or day
That for life, we are meant to be side by side.

August, 1999

I got an email from Melanie out of the blue one day way after I wrote this poem. She had found me on Yahoo Profiles and made fun of my picture because it looked like I had a tree for a hat. I thought that was a cute line. We kept an online conversation going on for a year, then we met in person. When we met, I cracked a joke about us being MKG squared if we were to get married. I don’t know if it’s timing, or fate or whatever, but in all the research I found out that it’s also chemical – and even now, after close to 13 years of marriage, I am still thrilled she chose me. We have two gorgeous girls and I hope that whoever they choose in their life, they go with their inner pilot light. It made all the difference for us. No matter where we live, I can’t deny her. Good luck single friends. It may be a long journey for you, but true love does wait.

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