Being Married to Her

Being married to her is an adventure
She takes me to places I haven’t been
She’s kinda like my own Becky Thatcher
and I’m of course her Huckleberry Finn

It may not all be pink champagne and red roses
Our memories are of death and graves of friends
and we’ve driven through some difficult storms
Had some quarrels but we quickly made amends

I’ve thought about them while being married to her
The roads we’ll roam until where we’ll end up to be
But the times I don’t question why we’re together
Are the moments when she smiles and looks at me

Being married to her is a long journey
She and I have lost the map along the way
So we’re winging it with our hearts and intuition
and we’re taking steps slowly day by day

We’re enjoying the view and each other’s company
Showing our kids places they’ve never seen
And encouraging them to try out different things
Hoping they will keep their noses clean

Chorus 2
I’ve sometimes wondered if they will remember
All the little things we’ve done to build their brains
The times I don’t question if we’ve taught them right
Are when they’re laughing during their growing pains

Break, then Back to Chorus 2 and then;

Last Chorus
And I’ve sometimes wondered while being married to her
If I’ll be missed by our children and my loving spouse
Then I remember they’ll always have their memories
we made together in our various cars and humble house


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