Hillbillies Have All The Fun

They’re happier than dead pigs in sunshine
with their trucks and their ice cold beer
They love muddin’, huntin’ ‘n ‘fishin’
and sippin’ on some Kentucky clear

They love workin’ with heavy equipment
They’d do it if they never got paid
Farmers daughters fall fast for ’em
though they’re greasy like pomade

Hillbillies have all the fun
No matter what time of day
They’re outta bed before sunup
and at night they get to play
They love their Outlaw Music
and they know how to get-r-dun
Ah, them city boys may have the money
but them hillbillies have all the fun

Their jobs are more important
than most of y’all might think
They’re puttin’ food in the markets
They’re the plumbers fixin’ your sink

They’re haulin’ big loads all over
They’re in the back washin’ plates
They’re the southern hard workers
of these great United States

They’re hobos and the winos
and the General Store tramps
They aren’t on US Postal stamps
In the mountains, they set up camps

Hillbillies have all the fun
No matter where they breathe ‘n live
They could care less if they’re broke as hell
They still give, give, & give
They give to the church on Sundays
They’ll befriend just about everyone
Ah, the city folks may have fancy parties
but a Hillbilly’s shindig can’t be outdone

The city folks may have the money
but them Hillbillies have all the fun!


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