If I Was Completely Up to You

Would my bank account be overflowing?
Would I have muscles rather than fat?
Would I be a gourmet chef or therapist?
Would I be juggling more than one hat?

Would I have a job I’ve had for years?
Would I shop at Saks Fifth Avenue?
What would I be like
If I was completely up to you?

Would my eyes and hair be dark brown?
Would I have a dimpled chin?
Would I be more inclined for business?
Would I have more polite kin?

Would my mind be more logical?
Would everything I wear be brand new?
What would quickly change
If I was completely up to you?

I don’t have lots of money
I don’t look like a million bucks
And I’m not much into hunting
Pheasant, doves or ducks
I’m not much, I admit it
But your daughter loves me nonetheless
Why she does, well I don’t know
That’s anybody’s guess

Would you lecture me every day?
Would you have me followed constantly?
Would you tell her it would be best
If she’d just set me free?

Would you pack my stuff and kick me out
Of the love I thought was true?
Tell me, what you would do
If I was completely up to you?

Would I still be her husband
If it was completely up to you?


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