You Should Be With Me (Steak ‘n Shake Song)

Well, I’m sittin’ here in Steak n Shake
Pickin’ on a four-dollar meal
And I’m not sure if you’ll ever
Feel the way I feel

My pockets are all empty
But my stomach’s full for now
And I’m dreamin’ of you, girl
I gotta figure out how

To make some money
So you will date me
I feel like such a fool
It’s so upsetting
That I’m letting
My depression rule
I know I can make it happen
I know you’ll one day, see
That I was made for you
And you should be with me.
You should be with me

I see you there in Steak n’ Shake
And I’m wondering who’s with you
Who gets to hold your hand
Maybe it’s time you knew

That you’re the boy of my dreams
You’re the one who makes me laugh
Every time I see you anywhere
I wanna take your photograph

We could take selfies
We could go skating
We could study after school
It’s so unnerving
I’m here observing
Why do you tolerate her ridicule?
I know I’d be so better than her
She’s treating you like a nobody
Baby I was meant to be with you

And you should be with me
You should be with me


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