All Kidding Aside (The Mama’s Boy Song)

I’ve always been a jokester
The class clown, The life-coaster
The kid in the back lookin’ out the window

And when I got to High School
I was the scrawny geek in the pool
who was awkward, teased ‘n called a weirdo

The girls liked me but didn’t see me that way
I was a kind of friend they’d talk to all day
I was a mama’s boy who tried so hard to be a man
Lookin’ back I did too much crazy stuff
Once I started drinkin’ I couldn’t get enough
and even tried smokin’ cause it made me look tough
I got addicted to being someone I didn’t wanna be
And all kidding aside, that’s when she met me

She saw my wardrobe – my suits and ties
And much to my chagrin and my surprise
She stuck around, I must have done something right

She doesn’t laugh at all my silly jokes ‘n pranks
But when I do stuff around the house she says thanks
and our safe haven is our master bedroom at night

I don’t wonder why them girls didn’t see me that way
As I listen to what the love of my life wants to say
Guess being a mama’s boy is what she wanted in a man
But I look back on doing all that crazy stuff
All that drinkin’, smokin’, and actin’ tough
All that pretendin’ to be who I wasn’t supposed to be
All I can say is I feel blessed and oh, so free
All kidding aside, this mama’s boy is finally happy.

All kidding aside, this mama’s boy is finally happy.

2017 – New Year’s Eve

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