Annie & Riley

He was sitting under a tree
with a journal on his knee
and writing another line
Up walked Annie Jean
with hair so fine and clean
to talk with him under that Georgia pine

She said, “Hi, I’m Annie Jean
You know my friend Kathleen
We all are in the same English class”
He said, “Hi, I’m Riley”
then he looked down shyly
as he pulled out a couple blades of grass

He was awkward around the young ladies
She asked him if he had plans for Sadie’s
He looked at her and asked “What’s that?”
“It’s a dance, silly” she responded
On his “OK, I’ll go with you,” they bonded
Then walked up his closest friend Matt

Riley gave Annie the number to his cell
They exchanged emails as well
She said she’d call him later on that night
As she got up and said her goodbye
Matt asked Riley if he was high
To Matt, it didn’t see quite right

Annie & Riley went to Sadie’s and Prom
Their relationship was very calm
but it changed as some eventually do
Annie was driving late that summer eve
The other car, it didn’t weave
And Annie’s life was through

Riley graduated the following year
and couldn’t choose school or a career
So he ended up working on a farm
At night he’d go to a cafe’
and he’d stay late writing away
He just didn’t want to do anyone harm

Riley still goes back to that Georgia pine
every year with a nice bottle of wine
and thinks about what could have been
He ponders on the plans they made
that afternoon, in the shade
and the fountain’s reflection shining on her skin.


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