Who Am I To Complain?

Took a walk on the path we’d stroll down
The wind in my palm replaced your hand
I closed my eyes and fondly remembered
when we kissed as teens on the sand

And I thought about the memories we made
I reflected on the good times we had then
Tears weaved their way down my face
I was never going to see yours again

But who am I to complain?
Who am I to feel so depressed?
Who am I to think or believe
that I didn’t do my best?
Who am I to think I could stop you
from driving home in that rain?
Who am I to be so selfish?
And who am I to complain?

That stormy evening I said some things
I should have never said to you
I was jealous of your ex-lover
What else was I supposed to do?

What else could I have said, dear
to make you change your mind that night?
I guess I could have held my tongue
So you would’ve stayed without a fight

You wouldn’t have been so determined
to break up with me and head to your dorm
We could have spent the night together
keeping each other happy, safe & warm

But who am I to complain?
Who am I to feel I’m to blame?
Who am I to think I’m responsible?
Why am I feeling so much shame?
Who are they to say it’s all my fault
that you were found brutally slain?
Who am I to expect they’d understand?
Who am I to complain?

Who am I to complain?

February 11, 2018

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