The Early Eighties

I wasn’t of age to drink
But I was old enough to drive
Every time I left my hometown
I felt independent and alive

Met girls up in the city
While clubbin’ late at night
I’d get home in the mornin’
Then my parents and I would fight

In the early Eighties
I wasn’t an adult yet
I’d go to those record stores
For the latest rock cassette
In the early eighties
I had crap jobs and bad pay
And a sweet classic car
I still miss to this day

Relationships came and went
And I was all right with that
I admit I wasn’t the nicest person
I was a lonely young tomcat

Those were some crazy years
I’m glad I’m beyond that past
I worked so hard to get here
and have a true love that will last

But in the early Eighties
I went out and had a lot of fun
I was so far from that sweetie
who ended up being the one
In the early Eighties
I had a lot of growing up to do
So did all my crazy crew
Just don’t take me back there, please
Back to the early Eighties
Back to the early Eighties
The early Eighties
The early Eighties.


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