Stealin’ Tomorrows

Verse 1:
She wasn’t lookin’ for anyone that night
She just needed somewhere to chill
So she took an Uber with a girlfriend
and they met up with their friend Jill
At a popular dive bar in the country
They bought a pitcher & played pool
In walked a bad boy with a couple buddies
who could turn smart girls into fools

Chorus 1:
Stealin’ tomorrows
That’s what he does at this place
Stealin’ tomorrows
With that rugged, handsome face
Stealin’ tomorrows
The devil’s up his leather sleeve
Stealin’ tomorrows
He’ll leave you then you’ll grieve

Verse 2:
Bad boy caught Jill’s eye right away
She liked guys with bikes & tattoos
He had smoldering eyes & long hair
She’d make an offer he wouldn’t refuse
Jill strolled up, whispered in his ear
He looked both his friends in the eyes
Signaled an OK over to them at the bar,
hollered, “They wanna hang with us guys.”

Then the other girls picked their poison
Drank tequila shots and fridge-cold beer
Then at closing time Jill told her man
“Come on, let’s you an’ me get outta here”
And they all filed out of the roadhouse bar
Drunk as a bunch of skunks could ever be
The head of the three-man gang said to them
“Y’all are comin’ home with me”

Chorus 2:
Stealin’ tomorrows
That’s what they planned to do
Stealin’ tomorrows
They broke their hearts in two
Stealin’ tomorrows
Traumatized ’em for the rest of their years
Those girls drowned in their own tears
‘Cause the biker gang ripped off their clothes
Treated them like easy and sleazy bimbos
Those assholes,
Stealing their tomorrows
Stealing their precious tomorrows
Those girls’ only tomorrows

Those assholes.

February 22, 2018

Lyrics Notes: All it took was a glance at a book called “Stolen Tomorrows,” and I knew I had to tackle this subject of predatory bikers out to break women who go out for a good time and their lives are basically ruined in one night.

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