Second in Command

You’re the craziest woman I’ll ever know
But I really don’t want you to go
’cause I love hearing your point of view
and I promise I won’t ever leave you

I see the beauty of you behind your eyes
Inside of you is a soul that is wise
From what you’ve said I think your pain
Has nothing to do with being vain

You just know what you want for yourself
and you’re willing to do it alone
I understand you’re the kind of girl
who likes figuring it out on your own
But you don’t have to, you can be with me
I’ll help you out with things you can’t see
So come on girl, let me take your hand
Let me be your second in command

I know I’ll never be in charge of your life
And I’m not asking for you to be my wife
By now I think you should see
You’ll have a lot of fun adventures with me

We can be a couple of goofy fools
Be the ones who make up our own rules
We’ll make it all up as we go along
singing our own special song

More than ever I know I wanna stand
Right next to you as your second in command
I wanna be your second in command
In a car or van zoomin’ all over this land
I think I’d be for you, a great second in command

A great second in command.

February 28, 2018

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