You Should Have Seen Your Face (2nd Draft)

It was a moment I’ll never forget
That summer sun had already set
The sidewalk was a little wet
You should have seen your face

When we bumped into your old flame
You said you couldn’t remember his name
And he thought you were playing a game
You should have seen your face

When he explained to you who he was
And where you both went to school
The apartment where you and he
had been settling down
The places you used to go
The people you used to know
All things you never told me
like why you bought a wedding gown

We must have stood there for an hour
As he reminded you of your favorite flower
Of your favorite restaurant on Gower
How what was so sweet became so sour
But the memory of his love for you
you couldn’t (or wouldn’t) place

But you should have seen your face
You should have seen your face

April 16, 2018

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