Relentless Party Chick

There you are, Relentless Party Chick
You drink too much cause your man’s a prick
You’d rather get rowdy and dance on the bar
Relentless Party Chick, there you are

I’m here all the time & see you go to town
Settin’ up cowboys then knockin’ ’em down
’cause he’s workin’ all night, you get out & play
Then he knows you’re in bed sleepin’ all day

And there you are, Relentless Party Chick
Drinkin’ too much whiskey ’til you get sick
You’re a twistin’ tornado, raisin some shit
and you’re so damn pretty, lookin’ healthy & fit

But you’re hurtin’ deep inside
Fillin’ that empty void
And I’ve seen him here with you
Feelin’ sad and annoyed
I saw the red in his eyes
as he noticed the guys
Who hug you & touch you
It’s clear he’s gotten wise

So there you are, Relentless Party Chick
And there he still is, being a total dick
I saw him in here havin’ lunch at noon
with a younger woman he’s seen since June

That’s why you’re hurtin’ deep inside
Fillin’ that empty void
Turns out he’s just actin’
like he is mad and annoyed
I saw the red in his eyes then
but now they’re baby blue
’cause Relentless Party Chick
he’s about to leave you

Yeah, Relentless Party Chick,
he’s about to leave you.

May 2, 2018

Lyrics Notes: Shelly Peiken writes a great blog and has written fantastic songs. In her recent blog post, she talks about the promoting sexuality in songs and I agree it’s gone pretty far. Sex sells. But what about honesty in songs and setting up themes within them that can be the type that people can learn from? In these above lyrics, I explore a theme involving a party girl, her boyfriend, and the girl in-between. It’s a toxic relationship filled with dishonesty between lovers and total disrespect. I think exploration into themes like this will offset the fantasy and get more realistic about what happens in relationships when people would rather avoid the most crucial part of their relationships: The Truth.

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