Social Me, Silent You

Social me, silent you
Happy me but you’re so blue
Sitting alone at your table
Looking so sweet and refined
What I wouldn’t do
To know what’s on your mind

Social me, silent you
My heart is free, wish you knew
I’d be yours in the moonlight
As the summer stars aligned
My love would be true
I promise I’d be very kind

I feel so bad ’cause you look so sad
Those don’t look like tears of joy
I’m thinking you might be really mad
At some silly immature college boy

Social me, silent you
I’d like to take you somewhere to
Hold your hand like a White Knight
Forget this party we’d leave behind
On the lake in a small canoe
Where we would relax and unwind
You don’t know how I’ve pined
‘n hope all your dreams come true

Yet I’m too shy
and think I’d never be your guy
So that is why
I’m socializing and so fearful
Of wonderful, gorgeous, silent
and heart-stopping you

Of beautiful, amazing, silent
and heart-stopping you.

May 21, 2018

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