We’re Expecting

Got a salt ‘n pepper three day beard
On a sailboat driftin’ near the mainland
Drinking a Blue Moon beer in a bottle
‘n holdin’ on to my sweetheart’s hand

We’re happier than I’ve been in a long time
Feelin’ good about where we’re headed ‘n why
Cause she just told me some great news
When she said it, I smiled ‘n cried

She said we’re expecting
She’s kept it from me for a couple weeks
That’s why she’s been so sick lately
I’ve noticed a certain glow in her cheeks
She’s been laughin’ and smilin’ a lot more
And she’s been huggin’ me so tight
All cause we’re expecting
And the timing couldn’t be more right

I’ve loved livin’ on this home we’ve made
And the friends we’ve met in Key West
But now we’ve got a real choice to make
We’ve gotta figure out what’ll be best

Should we move to where her family is
Or should we stay with what we’ve got
Do we buy a house with a large property
Or should we upgrade to a big yacht

Cause now we’re expecting
We’re gonna need more than beer ‘n the sea
We’ll have to give that baby what it needs
Life is no longer about her or even me
I’ve gotta figure out what’s important
Way before that baby comes into our life
All cause we’re expecting
I’ll have to take care of my dear sweet wife

With no backup plan ‘n very little savings
I’ve gotta decide on what to do ASAP
I know I’ve gotta step it up in a big way
Be the best husband ‘n father I can be

I know I’ve gotta take better care of myself
‘n embrace this upcoming responsibility
Cause I’m not gonna be a deadbeat Dad
Gone will be that feeling of bein’ carefree

I look out to that ocean, blue as her eyes
Inside, I’m feelin’ so differently
I know that our lives are gonna be changing
It’ll call us Daddy and Mommy

All cause we’re expecting
A baby who’ll look up to us and learn
We’re far past the point of no return
And now what should be our concern
Is keeping baby safe ‘n protecting him or her
And focusing on the now, not who we were
Before my love told me we’re expecting
On this sailboat, the home that we made
We’re expecting a baby, for which we prayed

We’re expecting a baby, for which we prayed.

May 21, 2018

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