Wild Turkey

Look at him shakin’ on the dance floor
Flirtin’ with the girls, pinchin’ their cheeks
He’s been raisin’ hell here for a while now
He’s been at it for weeks and weeks

The bartenders all know his name
He’s told his story to everyone in here
He don’t give a crap if you don’t like him
Man, it’s like he’s fresh outta fear

Wild Turkey
Is what he drinks
He’s livin’ it up
He says what he thinks
Wild Turkey
Happy to be his own man
Oh, Wild Turkey
I’m his biggest fan

Before he came here it was boring
This place was empty as it could be
Then he strolled in on a Tuesday night
And he sat right down next to me

He said “We’ve got one life, man”
“It’s up to us to make it a good one”
“And I’m gonna spend it gettin’ rowdy
I’m gonna drink and have some fun”

Wild Turkey
Does his own thing
He’s livin’ the high life
Sometimes he’ll sing
Wild Turkey
A good man through & through
Oh, Wild Turkey
He’ll never hurt me or you

Sometimes I see him in the early morning
Out on Castle Beach catchin’ them rays
And I’m envious of his loose lifestyle
Wish I could abandon my responsible ways
But then it hits me he didn’t have a choice
It’s the way he’s learned to adjust and cope
With all the shit that he’s been through in life
To me, he’s given a certain sense of hope

Wild Turkey
Likes it on the rocks
He may be crazy
But wise like a fox
Oh, Wild Turkey
He can’t be outdone
Oh, Wild Turkey
In life, I know he’s won

Oh, Wild Turkey
In life I know he’s won.

May 22, 2018

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