Amesti Road

I went drivin’ down Amesti Road
In my Mama’s older Honda CR-V
I was thinking about how it was
For all those people related to me
I’ve read about our Spanish history
But I don’t think I’ll ever relate
Yet I still thought about them all
As I pondered my life choices ‘n fate

I didn’t grow up there my whole life
But it was where I cut my teeth
Learned skating, baseball ‘n tennis
Where I dug deep underneath
What I thought I knew about myself
Once I wrote a few songs ‘n poetry
but I know now they were lessons
Shaping who I’d end up to be

Had a burrito at that place near Main
Walked to Goodwill, bought some books
Didn’t feel out of place at all downtown
Didn’t sense I was bein’ given dirty looks
And I drove out to the Martinelli’s factory
Bought a couple bottles of that liquid treat
Then I had to feel sand between my toes
And ease my tired sunburnt ‘n blistered feet

Took my Mama’s terrier out to the Village
Where we strolled out on that soft sand
I pondered if I would want to stick around
To watch a killer AC/DC cover band
The weather got cold, I was wearin’ shorts
So we got back into the car ‘n drove home
But there was one last place to visit
One last stretch of street I had to roam

I went drivin’ down Amesti Road
And headed to where we’d go
Where we’d kiss n listen to Whitesnake
Playin’ on my tricked out cassette radio
I heard she bolted outta this 47K town
Got a good job over the hill far away
from that dead end Amesti Road
and empty promises she freely made

So on that Harvest Moon night
I said one last goodbye
To the seeds she and I sowed
On our secret spot
At the end of Amesti Road

On our secret spot
At the end of Amesti Road.

Written in Watsonville, CA
June 4, 2018

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