That’s Watsonville

Fields of strawberries and apple orchards
Martinelli’s Cider scent always in the air
The friendliness of the people
The St. Patrick’s Church steeple
If God’s Country exists then it is there

Quality education by passionate teachers
At Moreland Notre Dame and EA Hall
The Downtown Plaza, Mount Madonna
Thoughts of that area make me wanna
Go back there to skate or play some ball

It may be just a place like all the others to some
Those who don’t know the stories from its past
But to the lucky ones who lived there all their lives
They’ve made memories that will forever last

So if I seem a little homesick you are very right
I’m remembering the good times and always will
In all the places I have ever been
I always long to come home again
To the town I love so much, that’s Watsonville

To the town I love so much, that’s Watsonville.

June 21, 2018

2 thoughts on “That’s Watsonville

  1. Thank you for these wonderful words of our Watsonville!
    Born and raised here .. left for fifteen years and came back!

  2. Flood of memories are re-ignited
    Fishing in the local ponds and lakes
    Exploring the countryside as a kid on foot
    Plum tossing orchard battles
    Wading through Corralitos Creek watching the eels

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