I Used To Be Your Kind

I used to care about the labels on my jeans
I’d only wear certain brands of shoes
I used to only listen to Easy Listening music
I used to think prole music was the Blues
I realized how much money I was wastin’
How much I spent on random pricey stuff
Then one day someone reminded me
All these things I owned fed my pride & bluff

He said I used to be your kind
I used to wear the things you do
I had a fancy car and a big ol’ house
Then I discovered what I already knew
All my material things started owning me
I thought about what gave me peace of mind
Back then, when I used to be your kind

So I thought it over and I got rid of my Benz
I emptied out the house of stuff I’d collect
I gave it all to the local charities in town
’cause I thought that would earn me respect
Then a businessman I admire for all he’s done
For the community and for his great family
Took me out for lunch at a local diner
And told me ’bout his own success story

He said I used to be your kind
I used to have so much to prove
I used to go against everyone’s expectations
Then I discovered my own unique groove
All those thoughts of greed & competition
I had to decide to stick to or quickly unbind
Back then, when I used to be your kind

So now I do whatever I can for people
But I pay good attention to my family
I work hard to put food on our table
And be the best person I can be
But I’m not doing it for any kind of status
I’m not looking to get any shiny reward
Except to protect my family’s future
By buying & doing things we can afford

And the stuff I own now I love
Friends I have don’t care ’bout what I wear
I just support them all and they let me
’cause I know they know I deeply care

And if times are tight for them or us
And it’s joy we need but cannot find
We count on those who count on us
Those not saying they used to be our kind
’cause those friends were never were like us
and I really don’t care or even mind
I’ll never need validation from them again
All those who I don’t like & cannot get behind
All those who say they used to be my kind

All those who say they used to be my kind.

July 1, 2018

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