Meadow in the Moonlight

In a meadow in the moonlight
Where the rabbits fall asleep
We laid down on a blanket
And we both started to weep

For we were so grateful to be alive
A good friend of ours recently died
It was the passing of our innocence
That night our souls became tied

The stars above us were aligned
As we spoke of how we felt
And as I looked into her hazel eyes
My heart started to melt

We made a vow in the morning
That it wouldn’t change anything
It was only a temporary passion
one emotional evening in Spring

To the meadow in the moonlight
I return with high hopes every year
That she will break her promise
That she will magically appear

But deep inside I know the truth
She is long gone without regret
So with a heavy heart I go home
Knowing I will never forget.

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