One Hell of a Song

If I am the lyrics
Then you are the music
and together we’re a song
Written by someone
Who’s having great fun
’cause we sure get along
Yeah we have those times
When my words don’t rhyme
The tune just is plain wrong
Then we get re-written
and we’re again smitten
Our chorus is concise & strong
All cause I am the lyrics
You are the music
And we’re one hell of a song

And all the crowds
They love singing it
Where we’re performed
Or randomly played
And they wonder
Who wrote us and why
And how long it took
For us to be made
We’re listened to
Over and over again
Somehow we appeal
To both women and men

If you are the music
I am the lyrics
And together we’re a tune
Lovers and strangers
Will sing us forever
In lounges and saloons
Oh we’ve had those nights
When we’ve had raging fights
Combined, we’ll always belong
Like a string ball & kitten
A child’s hand and mitten
Wakin’  & the breakin’ of dawn
For I am the lyrics
You’re are the music
And we’re one hell of a song

Oh, we’re one hell of a song

August 16, 2018

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