How Will It End?

Will we come to the agreement
That we’ll never choose to agree
Will I abruptly leave you
Or will you coldly abandon me

Will I fall to the seduction
Of someone else’s charms
Or will you find happiness
In another caring man’s arms

How will it end
The story of you and I
How will it end
Will we say goodbye
Or will we stick it out
Through the bad & the good
Or will it end with us saying
We did the best we could
If we both have intentions
To protect, care for, and defend
This relationship we have
Then we already know how,
Yes, we already know how it will end

Will we think it’s all over and
Cash in our measly chips
So we can try to find true love
In another’s eyes and lips

Is the promise that we made
One we’ll never break
Or was it only a lie we believed
Is this all one big mistake

How will it end
The story of me and you
How will it end
Will we stay forever true
Or will we break apart
Forget what we’ve done right
Or will it end as an accident
And together we’ll head to the light
If we both have the courage
To stay lovers and best friends
Then we already know how
And there is no reason to care when
We’ll just love each other ’til then
And maybe, just maybe it won’t end

Maybe there’s no way, no how
no how, our love will never end
My thought is, my love,
you and I were meant to be, eternally
There’s no way in hell our love ends

There’s no way in hell our love ends

September 9, 2018

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