Sell a Song

When I sell a song
When someone loves it enough to cut
When an artist listens to that darn thing
And decides to just go with his or her gut

I’m gonna holler and hoot
And take my family out to celebrate
It’ll be one of the best days of my life
When I…. Sell a song.

When it’s on the radio
And a hit on Amazon, iTunes ‘n Spotify
I’ll be happier than my dog at any beach
There’ll be tears coming from my eyes

I’m gonna be so grateful
I’ll thank my Mother and my Dad
I”ll thank everyone who supported me
Especially my daughters and loving wife
When I…. Sell a song.

I’ll have everything I ever wanted
Validation for doing what I felt was right
Every time I’d work on something new
Even if it was during a great date night
I’ve got scraps of paper with random titles
And tons of lyrics I’ve written in my trunk
So if one of them hits the big time
I’ll know my ship is sailing, not sunk

And then I’ll keep writing more
I’ll work hard in the writing rooms
I’ll bring all my best ideas to the table
I’ll be as honest as a songwriter can be

When I sell a song,
then I’ll know deep in my heart and soul
I’ll know the industry likes that song & me
When I sell a song, I’ll feel loved & free
When I sell a song, I’ll feel loved & free
when I….
when I….
Sell a song

April 2, 2019

My personal “I Want Song”. Probably should go into a story about an aspiring songwriter like me in middle age, perhaps a modern day sequel to “The Jazz Singer” who strikes up a friendship with a popular female jazz/pop artist because he’s writing her hit after hit.

An inverted “Star is Born”.

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