Suburban Cowboy Wannabe

He’s done his wardrobe research
Wears flannel shirts, jeans and hat
He listens to 80’s country artists
At home it’s just him and his cat
Weekends are when he gets loose
Drives his Chevy out to the Roadhouse
But all the country girls know better
He’s desperate for a spouse
Just another big town mouse
To them, it’s plain to see
He’s a Suburban Cowboy Wannabe

Problem is he’s readin’ old magazines
He’s wearin’ the least popular brands
He’s too polished, too put together
This is not somethin’ he understands
But the girls there at that Honky Tonk
Let him think he’s what they’re lookin’ for
They’ve taught him the dances
Even given him chances
But it’s clear they all agree
He’s just a Suburban Cowboy Wannabe

His boots are brand spankin’ new
There’s no mud on those tires
He’s too naive with new friends
He doesn’t know they’re cheats & liars
He’s got a job in a corner office
Within a Fortune 500 firm
He doesn’t fit in with them at all
Oh, when will that city boy learn?

Rich dogs should not be huntin’ there
He’s not Daisy Mae’s or Sue Ellen’s kind
He’ll keep strikin’ out every Saturday
They’re not into the wealthy and refined
They could care less about his watch
How it’s worth more than that bar
His Mercedes back home
Or his apartment in Rome
Don’t impress them all and never will
Cause he’s bound to a life that’s not free
He’s just a Suburban Cowboy Wannabe

To that crazy proud hillbilly crowd,
He’s just a Suburban Cowboy Wannabe

May 1, 2019

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