I’m No Garth Brooks, But…

I’m tired of Standing Outside The Fire
Thinkin’ of That Summer & That Ol’ Wind
And I’ve been sick of Burning Bridges
and Unanswered Prayers again and again

I might be goin’ Against The Grain now
but I want to be your only Mr. Right
For that’s when We Shall Be Free
Cause we’ll find a New Way To Fly

And I know This Ain’t Tennessee
But I’ve been Learning To Live Again
Even though you gave me the Cold Shoulder
I’ve thought of you Every Now and Then

I’ve gone Walkin’ After Midnight
I’ve been to a Rodeo or two
The Thunder Rolls so I’m Rollin’
Until I’m Face to Face with you

So whether We Bury the Hatchet
Or if I end up Shameless In Lonesome Dove
I’d rather end up as Mr. Blue than
never take another chance on love

And I know I’m no Garth Brooks, but…
You’re like Trisha Yearwood, so sweet
So I’ve got Something With A Ring To It
And just like Papa Loved Mama
I hope you still love Dixie Chicken and Me

Oh, I hope you still love Dixie Chicken and Me

June 10, 2019

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