The Rebel

Everything went right but I still went left
Back home to live my life & do my thing
Then I took a journey I wasn’t planning
Met people who said I couldn’t sing

Took odd jobs like Front Desk at a hotel
Where I gave notice to selling ties & suits
Meanwhile friends who I was hanging on to
Gave me a stronger pride about my roots

I’m a rebel by nature
My ex-friend called it a curse
And when things got bad
They eventually got worse
Then I met a girl & got married
But there was this cross I carried
I was hungry for what I didn’t feel
I had the fear I wasn’t being real

Lost my parents,
Lost my courage
Lost my way
but then found a bridge
To what I still had
inside me to release
I’m still a rebel
but now I call it a gift
and know when I die
years from now
I’ll be at peace

Solo then back to Chorus & last section.

June 26, 2019

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