Brother From Another Mother

He’s the guy you’ve known since Grade School
And now you’re at a dive bar having drinks
You’re sharing stories nobody else knows
And you both know how the other one thinks

You struggled through the awkward years
Traded sports cards & Playboy magazines
You’d sit in the treehouse and play cards
And you’d tell him all your unrealistic dreams

Well he’s your Brother from Another Mother
Your confidant and best friend in the world
You’ll battle over which baseball team is better
And you might have crushes on the same girls
He’s the friend you like more than your siblings
and the one who’s the yin to your yang
He’s your Brother from Another Mother
Who’s a good person and a hilarious hang

He’s the boy who you’ve been in a truck with
The one who has your best interests at heart
He’s your wingman, your partner in crime
Who you don’t pine for when you’re apart

You tell him things you won’t tell your lover
Secrets you hide from your Mom and Dad
Stuff kept from your sister and older brother
He’s the only reliable ally you’ve ever had

And he’s your Brother from Another Mother
He’s not attracted to you and you know why
He’s shared something you can’t tell anyone
He’s fallen for that attractive athletic guy
Who’ll never return his affection back to him
You once kissed and you deemed it a mistake
You’ll remain his Sister from another Mister
On his birthday, you’ll always bake him a cake

He was my dear Brother from Another Mother
He was with me through the good and the bad
I remember videogames we’d play for hours
And all the crazy days and nights he and I had

His parents let me stay over at their house
Fed me great food, man, I had a lot of fun
His Father wore a Greek Fisherman’s cap
And I hoped one day I would too wear one

He was my Brother from Another Mother
My dear confidant and best friend in the world
We didn’t fight over which team was better
But we had crushes on the same cute girls
He was the friend I liked more than my siblings
and he’s was the crazy yin to my weird yang
He was my Brother from Another Mother
Who was a good man and hilarious hang

He was my Brother
from another Mother
from another Mother
He was my Brother

My Brother.

September 22, 2019

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