What’ll Happen When They Love Him?

He’s writin’ a lot, givin’ it all he’s got
He gets up at the crack of dawn
to go work on song after song
and I worry ’bout him while he’s gone

He’s playin’ everywhere, like County Fairs
and honky-tonks who love his stuff
I know I’m probably wrong
but I think I’m now his willing pawn

I wonder what’ll happen when they love him
When I have to share him with all of his fans
What’ll happen when he’s tempted to stray
and meet all of his band’s groupies’ demands?
Will he be true to the commitment we made?
Will he still love me like he does right now?
Oh Lord, what’ll happen when they love him?
Wish I could see into the future somehow

When we met he was livin’ in a small town
and I lived in this big ol’ city all alone
We’d sit at our PC’s and chat via AOL
and he’d tell me his dreams on the phone

But somethin’ happened when we got married
It’s like he cares more about his music than me
Yet still here I am holdin’ all of this inside
Prayin’ he’s never prayin’ to be single and free

Chorus 2:
I wonder what’ll happen when they love him
Will he toss me aside like all of the rest?
What will he sacrifice to go for that brass ring
To be one of Country Music USA’s best?
Will they take him away on a neverending tour
and I’ll find out he’s been cheatin’ on TV?
Oh Lord, what will happen when they love him?
Will he be that man I hope he will be?

Oh Lord, will he be the man I hope he will be?

(From the Trunk)

I had sent this to a high-level Music Executive earlier this year. It is definitely a “scene” in progress. I could see it as part of a Musical. I think he replied with advice so it was lost in my emails.

Until now.


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