I Turn to Songs

When I’ve gone through a bad breakup
When my heart is burning like hell
When I feel my life’s in a dumpster
When I think I have nothing in my well

I look through my music collection
and I throw something on to relax
It helps me cope, that acoustic folk
Or something smooth like great sax

I turn to songs
I turn to songs
Songs don’t hurt me
Like many people do
I turn to songs late at night
When I’m not feeling right
When I’m beyond a little blue
When I’m crying inside
For love I’ll always need from you
Oh, I turn to songs, those sweet songs
Because they always come through

There are none like those I listened to
When I was just a kid at seventeen
They got me through the tough times
Dealing with people who were mean

I got tired of the Pop Music machine
So I started buying Punk & Blues
I knew the words to those tunes
Felt the singers walked in my shoes

I turned to songs
I turned to songs
Those songs affect me
So many of them do
I play them in my truck
And my life doesn’t suck
My thinking is no longer blue
I’m longer crying inside
I know I can give my love to you
Through my songs, my love songs
Like them, I’ll always come through

For you, I’ll always come through

October 28, 2019

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