On Writing Songs

Inspired by Paul Williams, Doak Turner and Steven McClintock

Write from the heart
Not from the head
Songs that you’re proud of
Songs lighter than lead
Songs lighter than feathers
And stronger than steel
Songs that have depth
Songs you can feel
Songs people will relate to
Songs people will like
In arenas and dive bars
Or at some Open Mic
Songs that have meaning
Songs that won’t quit
Songs that’ll inspire
Songs people will get
Songs that are riddles
But aren’t hard to understand
The kind we’ll all cherish
But can’t hold in our hands
So they make way to our hearts
They make way to our souls
They grab hold of our visions
They fill our deepest holes
They unite us and trigger
All the things we already know
But we still learn from them
Songs help us all grow
Especially those who write them
Like builders of cars
That take us places
Like inner caverns or to the stars
Where we can see hope
In the promise of every day
That someone might listen
To what these songs say
And what they mean
What they represent
Pure love & communication
and a life well spent

February 7, 2020

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