Well Spoken Woman

No matter where I go,
or who I’m around
There’s a kind of gal
I haven’t yet found

She reads Town & Country
Wears a little black dress
She smells of hydrangeas
and doesn’t feel stress

She’s a well spoken woman
She says uproar instead of noise
and tender spot instead of nerve
Has possessions rather than toys
She’ll meander instead of wander
She’ll be perverse instead of bad
Out there’s a well spoken woman
with a down to earth Mom and Dad

She’s taken aback instead of surprised
She’ll enjoy solitude, not privacy
She’s noncommittal, not on the fence
Yet attend soup & fish affairs with me

And if any harm comes to me
physically or in my mind’s eye
She’ll love me to distraction
and take no notice of another guy

She’ll be a well spoken woman
She’ll speak better than I do
She may have been privately bred
yet she’ll know my point of view
I’m looking for my better half
Not someone who I’ll outshine
Somewhere’s a well spoken woman
who I hope one day will be mine

She’ll laugh at my grammar mistakes
At how I pronounce different words
But she won’t ever be too fancy
and turn down Ropp’s cheese curds

A well spoken woman is all I want
One who’s elegant and smart
Yes, the one who’ll set my mind to rest
is the one who’ll steal my heart

April 11, 2020

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