If I Had More Money

She didn’t break up with me
Cause I said the wrong thing
She didn’t cut me off permanently
Cause she didn’t like the songs I’d sing
when I’d serenade her from her lawn
And the neighbors would sing along
No, she said if I had more money
Things wouldn’t have turned out wrong

She liked all our date nights
and parking out by the shore
She didn’t stop seeing me cause I never
walked her up to her parents’ front door
She said the kisses we shared there
Made her tingle and filled her with joy
She just said if I had more money
I’d absolutely be the right boy

So, I worked and worked
At my parents’ Hallmark Store
And I asked her out again
But unfortunately,
Since she was free
And dated older men
Who had nicer cars and clothing,
They’d go dancing and get meals
Like Steakburgers and fries
Or whatever she desired
When her parents told mine
I was bothering her all the time
They took away my car
And I got fired…. Fired….

So, as I sit here in my bedroom
Feeling sorry for my crime
I dream about that one sweet day
When I will make that girl mine
I’ll get good grades in school
Sure, it’ll take a little while
But when I have more money
I’ll be at the front of the line
And I’ll qualify to be her Valentine

Yes, I’ll qualify to be her Valentine

May 19, 2020

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