Today’s Agenda

Today ain’t like any office day
We’re gonna change it up a bit
You might hate it, like it or love it
But I hope you brought your mitt
See that baseball diamond out there
See that crowd there just for you
We’re gonna divide up into teams
The Uniforms are Red, White & Blue

Today’s Agenda
Cause it’s the Fourth of July,
Are Fireworks, Potato Salad,
Sweet Corn and Apple Pie
It’s playin’ games with each other
Team Building and Feeling Free
Hope you love this Office Picnic
Thanks so much for working for me

Here’s to all the team in Logistics
You sure planned this all so well
That Big Hog on the BBQ spit o’r there
Is gonna be juicy, I can tell
And to the Sales Crew, you’ve been sellin’
Thanks for givin’ everything you’ve got
You’re the finest team ever assembled
I appreciate your loyalty a lot

For all your dedication and hard work
You’re all entered in a raffle
You’ll like the grand prize I guarantee
On top of this year’s bonus
One of you will win for free
An all-paid inclusive vacation
For your supportive family

Today’s Agenda
Is there is no Agenda other than fun
We wanted to do something special
And show our love to everyone
You might think I gave you a life
But I’d be nowhere without you
You all made this lucky owner’s
Dream come true

So Today’s Agenda
is all about you
Today’s Agenda
at this Office Picnic
Is all about you
Is all about you
Is all about you

June 20, 2020

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