Songs, not Poems

I write the songs
That no one wants to hear
People are indifferent
To my concern and fear
About my former lovers
About guilt inside my heart
For mucking up so many times
Now I don’t no where to start

I write the songs
That no one wants to play
They’re all writing theirs,
I’m not sure what to say
About what I’ll do if I have
to throw this dream away
It’s too late to turn back now
Oh, dear you know I can’t stay

There are people to write with
Somewhere I have to be
And if you can’t cut me loose
Soon I’ll be breaking free
I’m hearing a call within
They’re voices from my soul
You’ll try your hardest, babe
They’ll never give you control

I write the songs
That I don’t understand
I open my heart up to them
And then they guide my hand
On the pages in my notebook
And the keystrokes on my phone
This is what I signed up for when
they wouldn’t leave me alone

It will all be worth it,
Love, they’ve assured me
The reward will end up to be
Much like what comes from
inside a fully grown tree
All I hear them say, is you’ll see
The effect of your unpaused yes
When I got down on one knee
They promise real happiness
For our growing family

July 18, 2020

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