When She Chose You

I was sure I had it in the bag
I thought my dream was coming true
But oh, how my heart turned to sand
When she chose you

I couldn’t believe what I saw
Every single friend of mine knew
I was thinking she’d choose me
When she chose you

But you had another plan in your head
Yeah, you had somethin’ up your sleeve
I was the only one who knew who it was
I knew a vital clue to solve the mystery
It wasn’t up to me to tell her the secret
She wouldn’t have listened anyway
I watched the whole thing fall to pieces
and I’d listen closely to what she’d say

She was confused about what you were doing
and she cared about what was your intent
She’d turned to me with all these questions
like who you were with and where you went

I had to choose between my loyalties
and it hurt like hell for me, too
I regret all the things I didn’t do
When she chose, oh heaven knows
Where she is now that she chose to leave you

Oh, where is she now that she chose to leave you?

August 23, 2020



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