Pearl Jam’s Secret Show, ‘93

We found out from our favorite bartender
That Pearl Jam was comin’ to our town
She said we could not tell anyone
We swore we wouldn’t make a sound

The Catalyst had booked a Secret Show
Right before their tour was gonna begin
We planned to see them in San Francisco
It was such a free ‘n easy time back then

We were all so stoked to go get in line
The mornin’ the tickets were bein’ sold
We already had their first single from Vs.
It was a hard rockin’ one called “Go”

We got there and the line was longer
Than we had hoped and we were pissed
It was announced on the radio that mornin’
But we couldn’t get on the band’s VIP List

Luckily we were able to get our tickets
I could only get a couple but that was fine
I didn’t have someone to call my own
So I called up my brother who sold wine

I told him about Pearl Jam’s Secret Show
He was excited and he couldn’t wait
He wore that shirt from Epic Records
We made sure we didn’t get there late

My friend George brought his friend Marci
We all had fun, it was a total blast
Eddie even jumped from the balcony
It was his trademark move in the past

I’ve seen many bands play at the Catalyst
Each one of them were not that bad
But Eddie & Company were incredible
When it was over I was kinda sad

But me and Danny Simon Jr. had tickets
To the first concert of their nationwide tour
That show was larger but more crowded
Whether it was better, well I’m not sure

All I know is it was so damn fun that night
At Pearl Jam’s Secret Show back in ‘93
It can’t be recreated now, nor should it
It’s a time & place I cherish in my memory

Matthew Kenneth Gray
October 17, 2020

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