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I’m Not Them

They say I’m wastin’ time with you, my dear
They think they’ve got you pegged, it’s so clear
You leavin’ me is the last thing I fear
’Cause I’m not them and neither are you

I know the ins and outs of all that you are
You’re my rock, my foundation, my shining star
You let me drive around town in our nicer car
’Cause I’m not them and neither are you

I know you better than I know myself
Us meeting was a good surprise
We may not always get along
Of some things, I’m wrong
But there’s truth in those crystal blue eyes

They say there’s time to leave you in the lurch
But we said our vows in a little white church
And I know I don’t have to go out and search
’Cause I’m not them and neither are you

October 18, 2020


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