Colder Blood Than Mine

She had blue diamonds as eyes
Her lips tasted like sour apple pie
She smelled like smoke and patchouli
And swore like a dirty old guy
Her skin felt like sandpaper
She had the heart of a porcupine
Oh, I’m not sure why I fell for her
The girl with colder blood than mine

Her leather jacket had a skull & bones
There were blood stains on her jeans
She carried a blade in her back pocket
Her brother died from amphetamines
Her Daddy was a big truck driver
He was from below the Mason Dixon line
Somehow I drew her into my life
The girl with colder blood than mine

Once I saw her stab a greasy man
Because he tripped me and I fell
And she punched a girl so hard
They put her in an isolation cell
Her Momma was nothin’ like her
She was more like a Southern Belle
Who treated me like one of her own
But I was only under a wicked spell

One night I was at their house
And I got up to take a leak
The basement light was on
So I decided to take a peek
And damned if I didn’t see
Pics of me set up like a shrine
So I had to leave her behind
The girl with colder blood than mine

No I couldn’t walk the line, for
the girl with colder blood than mine

January 13, 2021

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