Should’ve Been Toby Keith

He says he should have been a cowboy
Ridin’ with the guys on a cattle drive
I don’t think he understands his talents
He makes people feel happy and alive

He’s a stud in boots and cowboy hat
And his songs are so intense and great
Makes me wanna leave my 50K town
To go find a place in the Sooners State

He’s impressive as a Country performer
Man what I would do to be in his corner
Proud of being from the land of the free
When he sings, man I don’t wanna be me

I wanna be him, with that kickass grin
Keepin’ all his songs free of sin
He’s an original rascal filled with fire
Never stopped playin’ and won’t retire

He’s got a sound and style of his own
His face looks like it’s chiseled from stone
He loves his fans and they all love him back
When it comes to class, he’s ahead of the pack

If you say I’m good, you’d be lying through your teeth
I’ll never be him, I should’ve been Toby Keith

I’ll never be him, I should’ve been Toby Keith

January 23, 2021

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