Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

You ask me why I love you
 Why I’m always thinking of you
 Why your kisses are better than wine
 I couldn’t even tell you
 Why I love to smell you
 Your guess is as good as mine

 It could be your bright eyes
 Or that attractive hip size
 Or your smile, how it shines
 Maybe my heart is saying
 I should be often praying
 And forget all my ex-Valentines

 Maybe it’s not as important
 The answer to your question, "Why?"
 Maybe if you believe me
 And you don’t hurt or deceive me
 The truth will never be a lie

 I could say it’s your laughter
 Is the reason why I’m after
 Your lips so soft and divine
 I’d explain it if I could
 If you said that it would
 prove this ain't a corny line
 But baby, your guess is as good as mine

 Baby, your guess is as good as mine

January 31, 2021

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