Wallet In The Snow

Found a wallet in the snow
Opened it up and I saw the ID
She was born in the Summer
I was so reckless and free
Her name was Jennifer Ann
Her home base was Evanston
She must have come down
To have drinks and some fun

With college friends in town
Her bank card was in there
And so was one for a library
It was missing, I knew she'd care
On a receipt was a phone number
Of a person named Chris
So I decided to call her up and
The conversation went like this;

The reason why I’m calling
Is because of somethin’ I found
I’d like to talk to Jennifer
Is she still around?
Chris said she left this mornin’
And said she’d get it to her ASAP
she was headin’ up there Thursday
Then Jennifer would be happy

So Chris called up Jennifer
She said it was dropped outside
Jenny then called me to say
When she found out, she cried 
I dropped it off at Chris’ place
And thought that was that
But she invited me inside
Chris wanted to have a chat

We talked for a long time
Turns out they were related
They were cousins & best friends
She said they were frustrated
Chris didn’t have her ID, so
They walked to the liquor store
For beer and snacks, you know
They later passed out on the floor

I said I’ve gotta get back to work
She said hey, what do you do?
I told her I was an Lyft driver
She said oh, I could pay you
For a ride up there Thursday
We could all go out for a drink
It’s the least she and I could do
She’d like to meet you, I think
And I can’t believe I said yes
That Chicago night was the best

Because Jen brought a girlfriend
Who I hit it off with so well
And the whole thing was fate
How I loved dating sweet Michelle
It all worked out, we got engaged
Jen & Chris were her bridesmaids
Now I work at her father’s law firm
‘Cause I graduated with good grades

Just so now all of you know
What can happen when you return
That found wallet in the snow
What a lovely lesson to learn
You could meet the love of your life
When you return that wallet you found
Oh I’m so happy I returned that random
girl’s wallet I fatefully found
In front of that liquor store in the snow
In front of that liquor store in the snow

February 7, 2021

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