When Your Sugar Don’t Want Your Honey

When your sugar don’t want your honey
But she spends all your hard earned money
And you know deep in your heart
she won’t care either way
You’ll see her buy what she wants
And go to those fancy restaurants
With friends acting like debutantes
Who work less than they play

Now, when your sugar don’t want your honey
And there are clouds more than it is sunny
You get wiser and suspicious with
Every passing night and day
Friend, you’re in a really bad spot
She’s not giving it all she’s got
You should strike while the iron’s hot
It’ll hurt you more if you stay

Cause as much as you want to see her happy
No trip to the store will ever fill her soul
She’s trying to heal something without therapy
And now it’s completely out of control

So friend, if your sugar don’t want your honey
She’s got someone else, and it ain’t funny
Cause you’re on the chopping block
Soon, she’s gonna say goodbye
Friend, now it’s time you realize
Listen to the words from the wise
You must open your ears and eyes
Let her go to be with that guy

Let her go to be with that foolish guy

March 25, 2021

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