Baseball On My Brain

Inspired by Chuck Brodsky and Philip Bechis Clark

You say I’m acting different now
You say I’m getting really weird
You say I’m a bit too obsessive
It’s not as bad as you feared
No, I’m not going crazy
I haven’t gone insane
I’m just excited about Opening Day
It’s Major League Baseball on my brain

I used to play with my buddies
On the sandlot and we’d pretend
We were players from different teams
We’d battle it out ’til day’s end
Now I think of all those moments
When I even played through the pain
If you had the upbringing I had, you’d
Have Major League Baseball on your brain

My father taught me how to throw
He showed me how to hit
He’d pitch the baseball to me
He bought me my first leather mitt
So it’s not just about baseball, as you see
It’s about the memories that we made
It has probably meant more to me
Than any girlfriend or passing grade

So it’s just me getting pumped up
For my favorite players and home team
This year I’ve bought season tickets
It’s been a bucket list item and lifelong dream
To go spend a year enjoying from the stands
It’s a feeling I find hard to explain
Just know I’m not psychotic -
I’ve only got Major League Baseball on my brain

Oh, just know I’m not losing my mind,
I’ve only got Major League Baseball on my brain

March 27, 2021

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