Here’s the Good Part

Things have been shaping up
Things are really great now
Better than a year ago
I got out of the cellar somehow
It was right around the the time
When you ghosted me
And I figured out for myself
We were no baffling mystery

And here’s the good part
The part when I didn’t cry
When knew I’d move on
Cause it was all a lie
Yeah here’s the good part
You didn’t break my heart
You hit the road, really showed
Me what we couldn’t be
And here’s the good part
I don’t mind being single and free

I bought a mountain bike
And a bunch of sportswear
I started an Insta account
And posted my selfies there
I got my first batch of likes
It felt so great to just create
And nurture my yearning soul
With solid habits & better state

And here’s the good part
I fell in love with life again
I didn’t get sad and hide
Thinkin’ about way back when
And here’s the good part
It was an honest gift from you
It was the right thing to do
The catch & release,
you’re no missing piece
What we had wasn’t true
And here’s the good part
Instead of falling apart, I grew

That’s the good part
That’s the good part
Yeah that’s the good part
Instead of falling apart
I grew, I grew
and I hope you did, too
Oh, I hope, I hope
and pray you did too.

April 7, 2021

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